Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's Wrong With this Picture?

Because I teach grammar, I can't help myself when I see things like this. The mistakes are maddening!

I must look like a crazy person taking pictures of things like gas pumps with my cell phone.

But it's something to do while waiting.


mightyrocketboy said...

Wow. That's pretty terrible!

You're not supposed to be using a cell phone around the gas pumps.

Utopiana said...

Whoops! Oh, well. At least I didn't explode. That's what I get for being a grammar nazi.

Andrea said...

Why can't you use a cell phone around gas pumps? I thought that was just cigarrettes? (Which I've done...)

Okay, is it the apostrophe on "Gallon's"?

Utopiana said...

Ok, so when were you smoking? There are warnings on the gas pumps sometimes about electronic sparks from cell phones.

Yes, the "Gallon's."

Andrea said...

I was about 19 and very drunk. It wasn't until the next day I put two and two together about why the owner of the mini-mart was staring at me with a horrified look on his face. DOH!