Friday, March 27, 2009

On Fire

Woo-hoo! Ideas are brewing in the noggin!

I am very pleased with the fact that in spite of my busy life, I am creating. Mostly outlined and jotting, but new story seeds are being collected. I am also researching markets and have found three that I plan to submit to in the next month or so.

The freelance writing is also going well; I have two new projects.

Hopefully, a more substantive post will emerge a little later. Gotta go to see to that progress.


mightyrocketboy said...

I know now that this is what you are meant to do...create. You seem very elated whenever you are able to find time to write.

Lady Susan said...

You go, rock star! I still have to get my act together. I feel disappointed by my recent essays, which I hesitate to even call by that name.

I have so many ideas, floating around inside me, from all of the reading I do and thinking about my life and my passions. I struggle to bring them together into a cohesive and coherent intellectual discourse. I must create a structure in my life that supports better writing, if I have a chance of achieving successful final papers, scholarly journal submissions, and conference proposals.

This summer, I have to chart out the calendar for my thesis. I don't know how you managed it. Maybe I need to start an ice cream sandwich habit.

Utopiana said...

Yes, the secret is in the ice cream.