Monday, April 26, 2010

More Internet Amazement

Say what you will, the internet is an amazing place. So many resources exist to help a person do just about anything, from raising chickens to learning to knit. I am quite proud to say that the old series o'tubes has helped me learn, at least in the latter case.

New amazing thing I tried, thanks to my writing buddy Scott W. Baker, is a little thing called Duotrope's Digest. For a newbie writer like me, finding appropriate semi-pro markets is a challenge, but the Digest makes it easy. I can search the database for exactly the type of market that's best for my work.

Maybe I'll figure out how to fit the widget below into my sidebar a bit later when hubbie is home to help with the code.

Duotrope's Digest: search for short fiction & poetry markets

I submitted a piece yesterday to The Future Fire, a paying semi-pro that specializes in political themes. I hope that my story can find a home there; I'm concerned that the story's lesbian main character may not have been welcome at a couple other places I submitted to.

We shall see! It's good to get back to the work that's important to me, now that the term is coming to an end.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Skimpy Blogging, and Cabbage

Not been much going on here lately, huh? I've been keeping super-busy with end-of-term preparations, homeschooling, Clarion fixations (such as ever-expanding reading and packing lists), and gardening.

I do love digging in the dirt. My black thumb syndrome has dramatically improved this past year, but I was beginning to think the spring window was going to zoom right by, and I wasn't going to get enough new planting done.

However, last weekend I cleared out a lot of old growth and this weekend, I have been working to replant. One exciting aspect of this is the opportunity to eat up remaining foodstuffs that were grown by the earth in my front yard and cultivated by my own hands. It's a thrill, if you've never done it.

Here, three heads of cabbage that came straight from the garden into the pot. It was peppery and delicious. I have a couple more to go before that particular bed can be replanted, but I put out a bunch of bell pepper seedlings and I'll probably put in the hot pepper ones tomorrow. Yum!

Of course, I should be writing.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Can I Have a Bunker, too?

If I had $10 million, I could realize the post-apolocalyptic American Dream: the self-sufficient underground condo, for me and 200 friends!

Or maybe I could just write a story about it.
Read the article at NPR.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mr. B is Cute and Online!

Mr. B had his portrait painted by an artist, a person he's never met! Ahh, the magic of the internet.

The talented artist, Karen Schmidt, has a blog called Send Me Your Head, which is just what it sounds like. Send Karen a headshot, and you may get to see it transformed into a painting.

Apparently, Karen is attempting to complete a portrait a day, which is a mighty undertaking. The procrastinating writer could learn a thing or two about dedication from this...

The truly amazing thing is that the portraits are 3" x 3" in size. How does she do that?

In the photo I sent, Mr. B was actively channeling David Tennant, of recent Dr. Who fame, who is one his favorite actors (and mine).