Friday, August 20, 2010

Clarion West Made Me Do It Part 2

I can't believe I didn't mention this one already. As far as crazy things go, this ranks pretty high with some people, including more than a few Famous Authors I met at the CW parties. I was NOT the only one who got a tattoo to commemorate the workshop, BTW.


Ink Gorilla said...

No, you weren't the only one. :)

JohnR said...

I'm a laggard, aren't I? :P

Utopiana said...

Hey, I seem to remember I have some photos from your tat session, Inky. I'll send them to you.

JNR, maybe you'll catch up to our craziness one day, but it could be that you're the sane one here.

Penumbra said...

Although I admire the sentiment and have a similiar experience lurking in the back recesses of a long vanished past, I must say that it looks rather biblical to me.

The white mark coming up the middle appears to be the ghostly pillar of a cross and the lettering is classic middle american christian.

The Initials are a bit baffling I will admit. Perhaps standing for Christ's Will or perhaps your artist had a lisp and he thought he was crafting Christ Rules! I do not know - such mysteries are rarely revealed to the uninitiated.

But I am glad to see such a dear friend so moved to such depths of dedication. I look forward to seeing the rest of the transformation.

Love and respect (despite the tat remarks) as always

Utopiana said...

Lyle, I am so glad that I know you well enough to realize you are poking the tiger with these comments!

Christ's Will, indeed.

And that's Courier font, I'll have you know, preferred by writers everywhere because it simply rocks.

Penumbra said...

Well I am nothing if not an inveterate poker! Hope to see you smile tomorrow. I missed them more than I calculated.

From the dark side of Shadows End

Utopiana said...

So, I was indeed smiling today, but your face was absent...

Don't make me come over there and pluck your chickens, Lyle.

Penumbra said...

I know I am sure I should have been there but all my calculations seem in error lately. Seems all the logic is breaking down. Let me tell you a negative times a negative only equals positive in some damn math book

Utopiana said...

Dude, your chickens are so getting plucked now.

Plus, I deny the existence of mathematics because they don't like me (wait, did I just say "plus"?) enough to allow my brain around them at all except to count on my fingers.

Same for logic.