Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mr. B is Cute and Online!

Mr. B had his portrait painted by an artist, a person he's never met! Ahh, the magic of the internet.

The talented artist, Karen Schmidt, has a blog called Send Me Your Head, which is just what it sounds like. Send Karen a headshot, and you may get to see it transformed into a painting.

Apparently, Karen is attempting to complete a portrait a day, which is a mighty undertaking. The procrastinating writer could learn a thing or two about dedication from this...

The truly amazing thing is that the portraits are 3" x 3" in size. How does she do that?

In the photo I sent, Mr. B was actively channeling David Tennant, of recent Dr. Who fame, who is one his favorite actors (and mine).


Aika Sumeragi said...

OMG he's adorable! X3 That's so cool!

Penumbra said...

Thank god for this post. I awoke in a blind panic this morning and this has snapped me out of it. For a while,,,,

Utopiana said...

Get over here and get hugs, man!

Anonymous said...

Very cute picture! A Mini Doctor Who!